Premier Blends


Premier Blends


Introducing our new Premier Blends!

We are thrilled to introduce our new premium blends! They are flying off the shelves and are quickly becoming customer favorites! These 3 unique blends are available in 12-ounce bags. Visit our online store to order yours today!


Mocha Java
In olden days, coffee beans from Yemen — where coffee has grown since the 15th century, were shipped in the wooden hulls of sailing ships at the Yemen port of Mocha. This port was one of the world’s busiest locations at the time because it was the primary sea port for the sea route to Mecca. Many of these sailors arriving at the port of Mocha were coming home from Java Island, and so this is how the traditional coffee blend of Mocha and Java coffee beans occurred — a happy accident of history that produced this coffee blend that is still prized today as some of the world’s best coffee.

Mocha Java coffee includes one-part Yemen coffee to two parts Indonesian Java Arabica coffee. This traditional formula is increasingly rare in today’s world coffee market.

The two blended together make for a medium, full-bodied blend with balanced acidity. Chocolate, honey and tangerine notes are present.

Tanzania Peaberry
Tanzania Peaberry is a blend of organic coffee, grown in the shade on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Mountain, a dormant volcano in northern Tanzania, is the highest peak in Africa at 19,330 feet. Kilimanjaro’s lower slopes provide fertile soil to grow Tanzania Peaberry coffee, and the climate provides excellent conditions for coffee trees to thrive. Grown and harvested on the slopes near the Kenya border, this gourmet African coffee displays many of the characteristics of Kenyan coffee, though much lighter in acidity.

Most coffee beans are born as twins. Within each cherry on the coffee tree, two beans are grown side by side, resulting in the flat face of most beans. Peaberries, however, occur when only one of the two seeds are fertilized, growing on its own without anything to flatten it. As a result of their independence, many coffee connoisseurs have suggested that each peaberry is infused with all the assets normally reserved for two beans.

Tanzania Peaberry has a medium, syrupy body, with a medium to high, bright acidity. Flavor notes include black tea, citrus, lemon, currant and a hint of chocolate.

Vienna Roast La Minita
Costa Rica La Minita is grown between 1,300 and 1,800 meters above sea level, on a plantation with a unique micro-climate.

La Minita has long been considered by many experts to be one of the world’s most exquisite coffees. It is truly one of the last Estate coffees, as they oversee every aspect of the preparation, from nursery through final milling.

Vienna Roast is characterized by a slightly deeper color than American Roast, with small spots of oil on the beans’ surface. This roast style intensifies the character of the coffee and brings out flavors that may remain hidden at the American roast level. This is perhaps the most difficult roast to master. Just roasting moments too long will result in too much oil on the surface of the beans. If the roast is finished seconds too early, no oil will appear at all.

The Vienna Roast (a slightly darker roast) brings out a robust flavor in a perfectly balanced cup with brilliant acidity and sweet flavors of orange citrus, caramelized sugar and fine chocolate.