Miss Scarlett’s delicious handmade fudge is made from the finest ingredients the old-fashioned way!

Our fudge is sold by the half-pound, neatly wrapped and placed in a box that conveniently includes a small knife to easily serve yourself and your friends!

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Miss Scarlett’s Favorite Fudge Flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate Walnut
  • Churro
  • Cookies ‘N Cream
  • Dark Chocolate Heath English Toffee
  • Maple Walnut
  • Mint Chocolate Swirl
  • Mocchaccino
  • Orange Creamsicle Fudge
  • Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Rocky Road
Did you know?

Fudge originated in the US during the late 19th century. Recipes were printed in many periodicals and advertisements during the 1880s. Many shops opened in tourist places such as Makinac Island in Michigan. Its popularity was partly due to the decreasing cost of refined white sugar, and partly due to the ability to make it at home without special equipment. Its inexpensive, unrefined qualities made it popular among people looking for a candy alternative that fell in between expensive, fancy candies and the cheapest sweets.